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Spirobuis 100 mm – 3000 mm

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3000 mm




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Steel pipes and Fittings
One of the most important things you will have to deal with as a catering entrepreneur is air quality. European regulations require you to have clean air in the building. This is logical, of course, it must be safe for your customers and your staff. Most kitchens are already equipped with a good set of extractor hoods. However, there are still catering establishments that do not have high-quality pipes and fittings that connect to this. These pipes are crucial because they ensure that the dirty air can escape. After all, you don’t want all the dirty air to get back into the building. At Horecaking.nl you can find all kinds of pipes and fittings, always for an affordable price.

Steel pipes and fittings – quality at affordable prices
Thanks to the pipes and fittings from Horecaking.nl, you can at least be sure that your extractor hoods will connect seamlessly to a good air extraction system. It is the case that all our pipes and fittings can be combined with the products that you see here on the Horecaking.nl site. This makes it an excellent site to purchase your products for in the catering industry, you can order everything at once. There are various types of fittings that can be found in the range, because of the wide range every kitchen can be equipped with quality. The materials used are usually aluminum or hardened steel. These not only look beautiful, but are also very sturdy in relation to other types of materials.By choosing the pipes and fittings from Horecaking. nl you know for sure that you have quality in your hands. If you now want to know more about a specific product or if you have questions about, for example, the dimensions, you can always call customer service. Catering is there to ensure that every catering establishment can create perfectly clean air in the building!

Channel work
Good extraction will always play a significant role in the catering industry. This has to do with the fact that there are many types of air quality requirements that you as an entrepreneur must adhere to in the hospitality industry. These rules are there for a reason, they mainly concern that the safety of the guests is guaranteed. Super important of course, it is not the intention that the customers get their throat bothered by impure air. By combining our ductwork with the Horecaking extractor hoods, your catering facility will now only contain fresh air. In addition to the regular tubes and channels, various connecting pieces can also be found, which you can combine with all types of products here on the page.Canal work plays an important role, as the air must be able to get out.

Channel work for a low price
One of the advantages of the Horecaking products is that you will always find a low price, also for the canal work. Horecaking’s ductwork for an extractor hood is made of the best quality materials, which ensures that all air remains inside the ducts. Contrary to other ductwork, our products are really impermeable, no more strange air in the catering business. Our ductwork meets all requirements in the field of air quality regulations, so you know that you have quality in your hands. Good extractor hoods from us can be mounted with the ductwork, so you can buy everything in one go. Our ductwork ensures that the extractor hoods will connect seamlessly, allowing the dirty air to escape.This ensures that only clean air will float around inside, a greasy air is simply not something that customers like. You should see it as an investment for the company, thanks to our ductwork, your air quality in the kitchen will improve significantly. Order high-quality ductwork for your catering facility today.